2019 Summit SuperSeries at WIR

2019 Summit SuperSeries Points

Rules will be posted on this page as soon as possible following a points event.

1.  Each valid entry is worth two points.  You receive 1 point per round run.  Event winner 

gets two points more than runner-up.

2.  Points do not interchange between divisions.  Points stay with the driver.

3.  Team points must register opening day.  No exceptions.

4.  If you have a discrepancy with your points, you have two events to reconcile the 


5.  In case of a tie in season ending points, 1st place tie will race off, weather permitting.  If 

weather does not permit to race off refer to first tiebreaker rule.  All other position ties 

will be as follows.  1st tiebreaker, the racer running the most amount of rounds in the final event will prevail.  If still tied or multiple position tie, best reaction time will prevail, (best to worst) until all ties are broken.

2019 SSS Declared Teams


Team Driver Explained

Team driving is allowed in all SSS classes.  This allows you to specify an alternate driver in the event you cannot be there and still collect points towards your championship, both the WIR Championship and the IHRA Championship.

1.  Team drivers must be declared by close of business on opening day.

2.  Limit two drivers per team.

3.  WIR reserves the right to alter this rule.

4.  One award per team. 

Top Eliminator

2068   Jurnee Bennet & Lowell Bennet

4X32   Lyndon Klitzke & Randy Klitzke

LX55   Paul Londerville & Nikki Keller

4X54   Nikki Keller & Paul Londerville

1978   Dean Renmeetster & Jeff Thomas

427     Brian Jankusky & Jeff Thomas

3X07   Brad Schultz & Don Schultz

YX05   Tanner Zwetow & Al Blonien

WX28  Gary S & Paul Kind

5826   John Hibbert & Kevin Londerville

3X67  Danielle Schultz & Don Schultz

3X18   Nickie Huss & Craig Huss

WX84  Tyler Jaeger & Steve Howard 

Hot Rod

H43     Dave Tipler & Jake Rubbert

HX12   Nathen Koffke & Josh Genske

2X67    Rick Fuller & Kris Fuller

4X65    Brian Hau & Brice Hau

25         Mark Kranz & Heather Kranz

406       John Schulz & Tom Schulz

H1956  Doug Henning & Bruce Henning

221      Dave Seefeldt & Brandon Seefeldt

Hx85   Chad Lynch & Dewey Lynch


SX88   Greg Modde & Todd Modde

3X34   Donnie Mitchell & Jay Labelle

AX62   Aaron Evers & Tanner Zwetow 

6X05   Al Blonien & Erica Holmquist

S37     Billie Jo Van Ryzin & Jimmy Williams

S16    Rich Elsner & Linda Elsner

SX93  Dale Emmer & Clayt Emmer

SX44  Ralph Brunne & Carl Karbatovics

S126  Dave & Joni Lohry


B64X  Cameron Emmer & Braeden Emmer

Bikes & Sleds

No teams declared.