WIR No Prep 2019

1/8 Mile Grass Roots No Prep Drag Racing - Saturday, July 27

Friday - No Prep Testing
$25 per driver, $12 Pit Pass or General Admission
Gates Open 4 PM
Strip Live 5 PM - 8 PM

Saturday - No Prep Racing
Gates Open 10 AM
Registration Closes at Noon
Strip Live with Racing at 1 PM
General Admission $12, includes pit pass 

GRUDGE RACING available in between rounds.  $50 per car or paid entry in an no prep class.



* All classes are heads up, instant green and 1/8th mile*

**80/20 Payout means 80% is paid to the winner, 20% to the runner up**

***Additional classes will be considered with minimum of 4 cars entered.***

KILLER SMALL TIRE - $200  entry - $1000 (minimum guaranteed with at least 4 entries) or 80/20 payout (which ever is larger)

Door cars only - Factory wheel base

28" tire

2800 lb minimum

HEAVY WEIGHT BIG TIRE - $200 entry  - $2,000 (minimum guaranteed with at least 4 entries) or 80/20 payout (which ever is larger)

Door cars only

3000 lb minimum weight

Factory wheel base

MODERN MUSCLE - $100 entry - 80/20 payout
2004 and up model
Factory EFI cars
All stock interior and appearance.
Safety upgrades OK
Hard tires and Factory brakes (min 200 treadwear on tires must have the rating)
Fiberglass hood OK
Full exhaust
No AWD/4wd car 

STREET LEGAL CLASS $100 entry - 80/20 payout

Must be street legal, full interior, Hard Tire DOT Approved, 200 treadwear rating minimum, must be listed on the tire.  No slicks, ET street or drag radials allowed.  Must show registration.

3,000 lb minimum ( some exceptions may be made for cars in factory condition that weigh a little less)

STREET CAR CLASS  -  $100 entry - 80/20 payout from entries.

Door cars only - factory wheel base

Must be 26" or smaller tire.

UNLIMITED CARS - $100 entry - 80/20 Payout

Anything goes!

STREET BIKE - $100 entry - 80/20 Payout

True Hand Clutch

Street Tire, No Slicks

UNLIMITED BIKES - $100 entry - 80/20 payout

Any Clutch 

Any Tire

Any Chassis

TRUCK - $100 entry - 80/20 payout

Must be a truck.  3,000 lb minimum.

Instant Green Bracket Race - $50 entry - 80/20 payout

Open to any vehicles.

Must be ready when called to the lanes.

ALL CLASSES MUST PASS IHRA SAFETY INSPECTION - Email dan@wirmotorsports.com with tech questions.

Rules are subject to change.